Doori Noori

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Doori Noori is a system meant to be used while the child is at preschool (right) and the parent is at work (left).

Double income families are on the rise. Parents from these families need someone who can take care of their children while they are at work. This is especially the case for children from two to five years old. Parents often rely in a guardian or preschool but the latter is the most preferred choice. As a result, children spent most of their day at a daycare center or preschool while their parents are at work.

Preschool-aged children at preschool and their parents at work want to stay emotionally connected while apart.

PPT Design-26

Doori Noori is an electronic mail box which allows the transfer of postcards with photographs between children at preschool and their parents at work.

How to use: 

Doori Noori was published in the 2017 Korea Society of Design Science Spring Conference Proceeding./

You can download the full paper in here: 2017 KSDS Doori Noori.


Doori Noori won the Excellence Award as one of the best Undergraduate Thesis Projects from the Department of Industrial Design in KAIST on 2017./n

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Doori Noori from myDesignLab on Vimeo.