As EMOTICON (emotion + icon) comes from icon that represents emotions EMOTIHAT (emotion + hat) is a hat that express my feelings through visuals, particularly from the eyes, as eyes are the mirror of the soul.
The hat has its working parts attached to the top of it, which acts as a brain. It could be said the EMOTIHAT itself is my emotional brain.

It shows an expression in reaction to the movements of the head of its user. The expressions can also be selected manually through a button on the side of the hat.

It was designed as a course project on my third year as an industrial design student at KAIST.

The EMOTIHAT consists of LED matrices controlled and powered by an arduino, an accelerometer, a pushbutton and a battery.

Based on the input from the button or accelerometer, the user can switch between a grand total of 16 emotions, each of them have an assigned color depending on the mood and have an animation of 2~4 frames.

EMOTIHAT Hardware     EMOTIHAT Hardware 2

The EMOTIHAT enables the user to express emotions without words, overcoming language barriers, it is also a good conversation starter, providing the user a simple yet powerful tool for social interaction.

It is just simply cute and fun to use, for yourself or as a gift.

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