Monster Buster

Monster Buster

Stop the monster, save the earth!

Game Description:
Monster Buster is an arcade game which consists on shooting at the teeth of the monster on the wall to stop its eyes from spinning. If you match the shape of all the eyes three times you get to kill the monster and save the earth.It was designed and implemented as part of a course project on my third year as an industrial design student at KAIST.

How it works:
Monster Buster is a game consisting on a simple display, built with LED matrices and LEDs and a speaker for sound effects. Its has inputs on the teeth and the belly of the monster.


The game starts when the matrices start rotating and the background music of the game starts, then the user has the duty to shoot at the teeth of the monster with the dart gun.

If the three eyes of the monster all match the shape:
  • A hurt animation is shown.
  • The color of the eyes change accordingly (from green to yellow, from yellow to red).
  • A scream sound plays.
  • One led from the monster’s life bar is turned off.

If the eyes do not match:
  • The user loses a life.
  • A laugh animation is shown.
  • A laughing noise from the monster is heard.
  • One led from the user’s life bar is turned off.If the user misses three times, then a fail sound plays and the monster is happy.
  • If the user matches three times, then a victory sound plays and the monster is dead.

In order to play the game again, the user may press the belly of the monster.

The game’s software was built using the Arduino IDE (a dialect of C++) and Java through the Processing editor.

Although the Java is just running a simple simulation of the physical model and playing the sounds, the software inside the Arduino runs the main show.

The game could be played just with the software inside the Arduino.

2015. Maria Reyes. All rights reserved.